About Epsom Baptist Church


About Epsom Baptist Church

Epsom Baptist Church is a small, vibrant, multi-cultural Baptist church located in one of the suburbs surrounding central Auckland, New Zealand. Our worshipping community comprises two congregations. The 9:30 am Sunday morning service is conducted in English, and perhaps a little more intentional about liturgy than many New Zealand Baptist churches. The congregation is multi-cultural. This service is followed by our 11:00am Mandarin service, catering to a significant number of Chinese people living in our part of Auckland for whom worshipping in English is difficult. Epsom Baptist Church is seeking to grow in numbers and in influence for the kingdom of God.

How we describe ourselves…

We are a group of Baptist believers committed to God, to each other, and to our wider communities.

We seek to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ

• Through our personal lives,
• In our worship,
• Through our common life,
• In our service to the Epsom and Auckland communities,
• And by playing a responsible role in the wider church.

In our personal lives, we work towards transformation into Christ-likeness through the exercise of spiritual disciplines.

In our worship, we strive for a style that enables all ages to hear God’s word for today and respond with enthusiastic, reflective praise.

In our common life, we seek genuine openness and submission to one another, accepting difference and diversity as part of God’s plan for the church.

In our communities, we endeavour to maintain a visible Christian presence whilst taking opportunities for appropriate service, critique, and witness.

In the wider church, we look to make a multi-cultural Baptist contribution to ecumenical life and issues.