Operations Policy of CCTV Surveillance at Epsom Baptist Church

1. Purpose:

the installation of CCTV surveillance control within the church property area is solely to guard against potential trespass of unauthorized persons, while all activities involving members and non-member inside the church are not being taken and recorded so as NOT to intrude the privacy of any person concerned.

2. Surveillance Operations:

a. 3 cameras are set up filming 3 main church entrances/exits 24 x 7 (Appendix I),

b. All CCTV images are transmitted and stored securely at a central 1 terabyte hard disc with password protected,

c. Images are stored until the hard disc space is fully utilized such that the earliest images captured will be superseded automatically by recent ones,

d. The Privacy Officer with support from church property team is the responsible person to ensure the normal and proper operations of this surveillance system.

3. Control Process:

a. Surveillance signages are posted next to the 3 camera arousing people’s awareness of surveillance,

b. The cameras are not located in places that intrude on the privacy of individuals (e.g. toilets, main hall, through windows, etc),

c. The senior pastor and the privacy officer are the 2 only assigned persons to keep the hard disc password,

d. As all the CCTV footages are just for security purpose, nobody can access any recorded images for any reasons other than the purpose stipulated above,

e. Under exceptional circumstances where images are needed to review and/or disclose, requestor must fill in the “Access Information Request Form” (Appendix II and available at the Privacy Corner of the Church Webpage) to seek prior approval both from the senior pastor and privacy officer,

f. Surveillance system will be regularly checked in every quarterly to ensure the system is working properly.

4. Endorsement:

This version one policy was presented by the privacy officer in the Deacons Meeting held on 20/6/2022. It was adopted with immediate effect.

5. Concerns and Suggestion:

a. any concerns and suggestions pertaining to this policy or the overall surveillance control can be addressed to the privacy officer (primary contact) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the senior pastor (secondary contact) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

b. This policy, in both English and Chinese, are posted at the notice board by the church main entrance and the Privacy Corner of the church webpage.

*** End of Policy ***

Appendix I


Appendix II